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Representing Depts 431, 441/2 and 487 on the Management Advisory Committee is a well know instructor in the leather factory school - Harry Church.

This is his sixth year on the M.A.C., of which he entertains a high opinion as a medium of mutual understanding between workers and management.

He is a strong advocate of the committee’s primary object - to try to get matters settled within the limits of the factory rather than automatically referring them to meetings.


Male representative for Dept 451-487 is sole stitcher Harry Church, who besides being a member of the M.A.C. is also a member of the Board of Arbitration and Conciliation.

After many years as a printer in Fleet Street, Harry has worked on most mof the "Nationals", he came to East Tilbury in December, 1940.

Having worked in several departments as a sole stitcher, Harry much prefers shoemaking to printing.