Reminiscence and Resource Centre

One of the most popular workers in the leather factory and one of the oldest members of the M.A.C. represents Depts 405 - 6 on that body - Gladys Everett, still better known as Gladys Holland, despite the fact that she married yarn stockkeeper Horace Everett several years ago.
Gladys has been at East Tilbury for 15 years, and is one of the most experienced and reliable cutters in the department, in which she started as a preparer.
She is well know as one of the oldest netball players still working and playing, having been a member of the Batagirls team since 1943.
With her experience of the M.A.C. extending over nearly nine years - she was there when her fellow veteran, Ken Stanley, joined - Gladys is well equipped to deal, with judgement and effectiveness, with the problems which fellow-workers raise from time to time. She is as keen as ever to help them, and to give them the benefit of her advice, and is a firm believer in members and constituents getting together to try to iron things out without necessarily taking them as far as the full committee. Her unopposed return this year was extremely popular