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Representing the top floor of the leather factory on the M.A.C. is a worker who has been here since the day the factory was opened - George Hitchings, who has worked all his 21 years on leather footwear. Now, he tells Bata Record, he does three jobs in Dept 424: heel-attaching, heel seat trimming, and Kamborian lasting.
He started as a heel-attacher, and has handled scores of various types of shoes in the course of his comprehensive experience.
His opinion of the M.A.C. is high, particularly from the point of view of members being able to consult with fellow-workers on matters which they would like to be investigates. “Come and see me about it,” is his invitation to anyone with anything about work on their mind, “and we will see how best to get it settled, failing which it will go before a meeting.”
Sports enthusiasts will remember George as a footballer and cricketer. In the former capacity, he often played in goal for Bata Sports, and has played in that position for Lathol Athletic. He also played cricket for Bata Sports.
George is one of those friendly, cheerful, always smiling workers, an old hand in the making of leather footwear, and mastering any operation he undertakes.