Reminiscence and Resource Centre

Doreen Smith is a younger member of staff in Depts 401 - 4 who checks and packs insoles. She has done other jobs on the conveyor.
Lively and friendly, Doreen is another strong believer in M.A.C. members doing their best to spread the importance of problems being tackled there and then, rather than automatically bringing them before meetings.
“But fellow workers should co-operate,” she said, “and I don’t think enough of them here come forward. I am always ready to do what I can, but I think I wear out too much shoe-leather in seeking out people when they should seek out me!
“The M.A.C. is a first-class idea and of great benefit to the workers. Although I have only been on it a short while, I already appreciate that it does a lot of good. A little bit of common-sense, and a little bit of tact - I am told that I have these, though it is news to me- helps to make the wheels go round.”
Doreen has been a Batawoman for “two years and a bit,” and enjoys her work. She also enjoys being and M.A.C. member.