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“As a medium for maintaining friendly and harmonious relations between management and employees, the M.A.C. is an excellent institution”
This is the opinion of one of the younger members - Dave Cooper, who represents Depts 701-2, 705-6 and 709-10.

Dave is a firm believer in the factory parliament, and he told Bata Record that every reasonable request received sympathetic consideration. Like most of his fellow-members, he believes the primary duty of an M.A.C. member is to encourage workers to bring forward matters for settlement within the boundary of their constituency.

“If any workers have anything on their minds, I hope they will mention it to me without loss of time,” he said. “We will then deal with the matter together and, if necessary, I will raise it at the next meeting of the committee.”

Dave is in his fourth year of his second period of service with British Bata, and is in the overhauls shop. Formerly, he was on maintenance. He plays centre half for Orsett football team, and is a member of an engineering family: his father, John Cooper, is in Dept 713, one brother, Cyril, works in the garage and the two other brothers are in the engineering departments of other firms.