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Only contest in the by-election took place on the top floor of the leather factory and Bert Stannard, the winner is another long-service worker who can turn his had to practically any job. particularly finishing operation. Edge-setter on the women’s fashion shoes made in Dept 423, he is in his fifteenth year as a Bataman.

He is no stranger to the M.A.C., having served in 1945 and 1954, and he retains a high opinion of its value. “I have been treated with fairness and consideration whenever I have raised a subject,” he remarked, “ and am sure the same will apply now. It is a very good organisation.”
Bert lived for several years at Westcliff-on-Sea, but is now a resident of Bata Estate, and is very happy there. He has a nice garden, which he is fond of tending, and has only just got used to getting up and going to bed an hour later than necessary when he had to use Westcliff Station, which was 10 minutes from where he lived.

Asked what his hobbies were, he replied; “Gardening and bringing up a family” - the latter being a reference to his wife’s presentation of a baby boy a few weeks ago.

Bert agrees with his fellow-members that much good work is done outside meetings of the M.A.C. - in other words he thinks workers should maintain a continuous interest by discussing points with their respective members, in order that the latter can go to meetings with a reliable knowledge of what is wanted.

“I do appeal to everyone to take an interest,” he says through Bata Record, “not necessarily in any member personally, but in the whole structure and idea of the M.A.C.”.