Reminiscence and Resource Centre

The export stockroom is represented by another worker who is interested in social welfare - Arthur Siddons, who prepares cartons for despatching.

He is deeply interested in local government, and keeps a keen eye on the activities of the Thurrock Urban Council. His main activity concerns the welfare and education of young people, exemplified by membership of the management board of East Tilbury school and Stanford-le-Hope Primary School.

Sid began his eight years as a Bataman as a boilerman in the reclaim department, and this is his second year on the M.A.C. He also strongly advocates consultations, and, if possible, settlement, before reference to meeting and is a firm believer in the value of the Committee.

As an example of this, he cites the re-organisation of the heating system on the floor. “That was due to representations being made to the M.A.C.,” he remarked. “I have always found the management ready to hear about any suggested improvements which members bring forward.”