Reminiscence and Resource Centre

Amy Dawson is binding children’s shoes in Dept 421 and has worked on a variety of operations in the leather factory.
In her eighth year of service, Amy is extremely popular on the top floor, and is often called upon to give advice to her younger fellow-workers. She has been more that two years on the M.A.C. of which she is a keen enthusiast.
“It is something in which every worker should take an interest,” she said, “and I wish more workers would come forward not only for election each year, but to talk over matters fully and frankly. I have noticed a tendency - and perhaps I am not the only one - for the M.A.C. and its members to be criticised by people who talk among themselves but do not always bring their talking points forward. Meetings of the M.A.C. are always worth while, but the most effective way of carrying out the object in the widest sense is for members and fellow-workers to get together and keep in close touch with each other.”
Amy’s work has consisted mainly of stitching and binding. She lives at Pitsea, where she is a member of the committee of Pitsea United F.C. supporters club.