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Popular, auburn haired Alice Newman represents Dept 341-2 on the top floor of the rubber factory, and is another enthusiastic member of the British Bata “parliament”. This is her fourth year as a Batawoman, and she has been in the same Department, 341 sewing section, all the time.
“The value of M.A.C. depends largely on their maintaining friendly contact with workers, and encouraging workers to be friendly with them,” she remarked, “as several matters arise from time to time which a little tact and common sense will go a long way to settle. When matters are sifted down between workers and members themselves, those which remain unsolved should be carefully reconsidered and referred, in agreed form, to M.A.C. meetings.
“I always try to bear in mind the fact that I am the workers elected representative, and that, as such, I should fall in with their wishes wherever practicle.”
Alice knits socks, and this is her second year as a member of the M.A.C. She told Bata Record that more than one problem on the floor she represents had been considered without being taken to a meeting of the committee.