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In 1936 General Spears, on the Board of Directors, set up a Management Advisory Committee. This committee consists of 36 elected members of various staff from all departments throughout the factory and offices. They meet regularly each month with the Directors of the company to discuss any problems or suggestions that occur concerning their own departments.

The members are elected by secret ballot and are paid an annual honorarium by the Company for the work they carry out on behalf of their fellow employees. From the Main Committee four special committees are appointed to deal with such problems as:
1) Canteen food
2) Bus and Transport
3) Penny a week fund
4) Board of Arbitration.

In addition to the fact that any complaints or suggestions can be made to the appropriate member of the Management Advisory Committee suggestion boxes are placed permanently in all parts of the Factory. One person is in charge of these and many useful suggestions have been received in this way apart from occasional facetious remarks! Cash rewards are made to people who make any suggestions which are considered valuable and I think this would encourage the use of these boxes and the addition of a signature to all suggestions. It is almost certainly due to the Management Advisory Committee that any slight grievance or trouble which has the potential for something much bigger is discussed and solved by the Committee before causing trouble e.g. strike action. As a result of it a very close understanding exists between the Management and workers.

The above was written by Mrs Margaret Rumsey.

Below is a list of some of the people who were elected on to the M.A.C. and who had short biographies published in the Bata Record. Click on the name to find out more.